【金門美食旅遊】-金城民防坑道Kinmen Civil Defence Tunnel__(1)

單向入口:金城車站(This is One-way tunnel Enternces:Jincheng Bus Station)
出口:金門高中(Exit:Kinmen Senior High School)
緊急出口:(Emergency Exit are as follow: )

(Kinmen County Government:About 582m away from the tunnel entrance)
(KMT(Nationalist Party)Kinmen Department: about 705m from the tunnel entrance.)
(The length of the tunnel is 1285m,it takes about 30 minutes by foot.)
(Guided tour only serves one group at the time up to 50 visitors;the interval of time between each group should be 1 hour above.)
(Visitor groups will be lead by interpreters, and Visitors will be lead by guided tours, Guided tours are also pro-vided on scheduled time.)
體驗方式說明Understanding through Experience
Part of the underground tunnel is opened as the Tunnel Experiential Area, allowing tourists to exoerience the actual underground tunnel and better understand the environment therein. With film screening of the past happen-ings in the tunnel, one could experience the imoact of the events.

遊客注意事項Safety Tips
After visitors received visiting information from briefing,a safety helmet is provided before take stair down one level to the tunnel entrance, groups will be guided by interpret-ers to explore the life of the underground tunnel. Please return the safety helmet befiore leaving the tunnel.
Before entering the tunnel, please make sure every in-struction is clearly understood, and the safety helmet has to be worn throughout the trip; The Civil Defense Tunnel is an enclosed environment, visitors with health restric-tions please consider your conditions before entering the tunnel, the children must be accompanied and cared by at least one parent or adult all the time.
Please be aware of the slippery conditions in the tunnel, do not touch the power switch; some part of the tunnel is narrow and low, trying to avoid bumping or clashing with others.
Service number:082-321547
民防起源(The Origin of the Civil Defense)
Throughout all centuries and ages, military service and civil defense are always the essential strength of the national security.
The difference between military service and civil defense are that military service is a military organization bassed on the countries law, observing orsers from leaders to accomplish military mission and cicil defense is formed on the basis of self-defense, mostly by the citizens that want to protect their countries, while a society that formed in an area or rehion.


The history of civil defense has a long trace path. In different ages the name of civil defense are also dif-ferent, in the history of china during the Sung Dynasty, it was known as village soldiers, in the Ming Dy-nasty they call it “strong civilian”, in the Ching Dynasty it was called “village valiant” and in the 20th century it was known as” the civil defense of self-defense troops”, though they nay be different in names and formulation, the spirit of pariotic for their people ane country are the same.
民防的歷史The History of Civil Defense
After the victorious 1929 Guningtou Battle, the Nationalist Army continued to guard Kinmen. In 1950, Kinmen Admin-istrative Office was established, unifying the strength of the army and the civiliand. The Kinmen males were not con-scrioted into the army, but they are formally assigned to a group in the Civil Defense Duty-allocation Unit; and made responsible for public security and to support combat. In 1953, the Kinmen Civil Defense Command Center was es-tablished. 1986 saw the start of  “Battlefield Military Ad-ministration” with the aim to achieve the unity between the army and the people, implementing four major objectives: “To rule, educate, nurture and defend”.
In October 1957, Civil Defense Command Center renamed itself as Civil Defense Unit, in Seotember 1966 it further changed its name to Civil Dfense Command Headquarters and in 1975 it reorganized itself as Civil Self-defense Unit till the abolishment of martial law in 1992. After over forty years the kinmen Civil Defense Regimentation, Kinmen ad-ministration became to normalize.
Under the more than forty years of civil defense and self-defense organizations, although it might seem that the Kinmen people were not requied to serve the army, they had in fact taken on the role of soldiers for half their life-time. They dutifuly fukfilled all military missions, but had never enjoyed any preferential benefit that a soldier would be expected to receive.
戰鬥村的成立The Establishment of Combat Villages
In 1968,which was also the 10th anniversary of the August 23rd Artil-lery Bimbardment, there was a rumored flow between the Govmment and people said that the People of the Republic of China is going to invade kinmen again. The President Chiang Kai-Shek followed according to the tactic demand instructed Kinmen to establishes Combat Villages in September 1968, to improve the civilians training, requesting all villages beacame a Combat fortress and every villahers became a member of Combat villages, all villages became a combat line, the entire island became a battle committee and further more expect that everthing was militarized to fom a strong battle system.
(The development of Kinmen’s Civil Defense troops organization)
(Establisged by levy recruiting 96 men from every villages to form self-defense troops.)
(The Magistrate of Kinmen formed the defense troops and civilian legion.)
(Established citizens defense troops.)
(Executed civilian’s mission unit.)
(Established Civil defense troops and Command Center.)
(The Civil defense Command center renamed as The Headquarters of Civil Defense Unit.)
(The headquarters of Civil Defense Unit executed the unification of the Police and Civil Defense.)
(The Headquarters of Civil Defense Unit renamed as The Command Headqurters of Civil Defense.)
(Established The Combat Villages.)
(The Command Headquarters of Civil Defense renamed as Civil Defense Unit.)
(The Civil Defense Unit renamed as The Self-Defense Unit.)
(Reorganization of The Civil Self-Defense Unit.)
(The Self-Defense Unit established The Civil Self-Defense Political Warfare Special Forces.)
(The Civl self-Defense Unit established the Combat Village Cabre squad.)
(The Civil Self-Defense Unit set self-improvement team(Zi Qiang Team)for executing Special Forces trining.)
(The Civil Self-Defense Unit executed the program medical trainig.)
(The Civil Self-Defense Unit established “Taiwan-Pescadores Fishermen Service Center”)
(Constirtutional government was replaced. The Civil Self-Defense Unit was disband.)




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